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Global Health Research

Contracts and Financial matters

Research Contracts

All sponsorship arrangements will need to be set out in a research contract or other agreement before the research project can start. The contract will also include the financial arrangements and Intellectual Property rights. You can read more about research contracts here.

Payments in advance of need

When working within Low and Middle Income Countries, some partners may require payment in advance of need. Please ensure any arrangements for advance payments are incorporated in your research contract to prevent delays.


Financial clearance

Some small institutions may require government approval before they can receive any foreign funding. When these approvals are not in place before the research starts, there may be serious delays to the project. 

When the University of Cambridge is the Coordinating party (‘Lead Party’), please ensure that the partner institution is in a position to accept research funding through Cambridge. Please contact the Global Health Research Manager for further advice.


Hosting of overseas researchers

When your project includes Exchange visits, you need to ensure there is a mechanism to cover the costs for accommodation and subsistence. Due to salary imbalances, it may not be appropriate to expect researchers from Low and Middle Income Countries to cover these costs, even when reimbursed in retrospect.


Working with International Partners

Due Diligence

PIs and researchers working with UK and international organisations need to be assured that these new partnerships do not expose the University to risks, such as financial and legal harm and damage to its academic standing and reputation. Before an organisation can be added to X5, the University’s costing tool, the Due Diligence team undertakes reputational, ethical and financial assessments to identify and mitigate any risk posed to the University. The list of partners that are available on X5 can be found here.

For some international partnerships funders require the University to follow additional assurance processes when it comes to sub-awarding funding overseas. Further due diligence checks will be performed when setting up a collaboration agreement. Some funders may also require ongoing monitoring of institutions during the course of the project. 

You can read more about Due Diligence here (Raven protected).


Restricted Countries

The University holds a list of countries were work may be restricted. This list is updated regularly in response to changes to geopolitical factors and other reasons. When planning work with overseas institutions, you can check with the Due Diligence team to ensure that any additional review processes are followed.


Fieldwork abroad

When working on Global Health projects, you and your team may need to travel to local sites. Please familiarise yourself with the HR Safeguarding Work Away’ guidance and policy. This includes information about requirements for travel abroad. The University holds Business Travel Insurance for staff and students, however you need to ensure you apply for cover before you travel. A risk assessment is also needed each time. Travel risk assessment templates are available here (Raven protected).


Working abroad for a longer period

Some projects will require members of staff to work abroad for longer periods. This may affect salaries, tax and pensions. There is a page for Individuals travelling that provides guidance. The Global Mobility Coordinator within the HR department will be able to advise you further.


Export Controls

When your project includes the sharing of materials or technology with international partners, you will need to familiarise yourself with the University's Export Control PolicyAnyone who exports goods or technology must comply with export control legislation.


Other Global Matters

Consent for Photography

When working on Global Health Research projects, UK researchers often take photographs of the local setting. Please ensure you follow the University Policy when taking photographs of people. You need to ensure you obtain consent, particularly when you intend to use the images on social media, in presentations, or in publications. A template Model Release form is available on the Legal Services website, here (Raven protected).

Last edited: 13 January 2021

Key contacts for Global Health

There are various teams who can help you with queries about Global Health Research:
If you have practical queries about health research projects that focus on Low and Middle Income Countries, please get in touch with Rose Eichenberger the Global Health Research Manager at the Research Office.
For all queries about research governance relating to Global Health Research, including projects in Low and Middle Income Countries, you can contact the Research Governance Team at the Clinical School.