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It is a core expectation of you as a researcher that you undertake research ethically.

Your research needs to be designed and conducted so that it protects the rights, dignity and safety of research subjects/participants and the environment and artefacts.


Research involving human participants or personal data

You will need to consider the ethical risks of your research and consult local and University policy to decide whether a formal ethical review is required.

An ethical review is a requirement of many funders and publishers for certain types of research (for example that involving human participants, human tissue, and/or personal data)

An ethical review helps to ensure that research follows best practice and complies with ethical or regulatory expectations.


When to consider ethics

The ethics of your research should be considered throughout the research process, but in particular:

When you're planning your research

Ensure that ethical practice is considered from the outset.

When you're applying for funding

Most funders will expect evidence that the ethical implications of the research have been considered and that ethical approval will be sought where necessary.

When you've been awarded funding and about to start your research

If an ethical review is required it should be sought at this stage.

During the research

Ensure that you follow best ethical practice and implement any recommendations from research ethics committees. Research ethics also needs to be considered in response to any changes in the project or unexpected developments.


How to consider ethics and carry out ethical research

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