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We deal with all types of research projects and differing interactions with our collaborators and funders. We have, therefore, a range of contracts to deal with specific situations.

  1. Amendment
  2. Collaboration Agreement
  3. Confidentiality Agreement (CDA/NDA) - to request a CDA on-line please click here.
  4. Consortium Agreement
  5. Fellowship
  6. Framework or Umbrella Agreement
  7. Funded Research Agreement
  8. Heads of Terms (HoT)
  9. Letter of Intent (LoI)
  10. Letter of Undertaking (LoU)
  11. Material/Data Transfer Agreement (MTA/DTA) - to request an MTA on-line please click here.
  12. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
  13. Novation
  14. Participating Site Agreement (mNCA/PSA)
  15. Research Undertaking Letter (RUL)
  16. Software Licence Agreement (SLA)
  17. Studentship Agreement
  18. Sub-award (sub-contract): Not to be mistaken for provision of services contract.
  19. Visitor’s Agreement (VA) that is linked to an existing agreement.

Although we have templates of all these agreement types, we generally negotiate and draft research contracts that are tailored for the specific project.

We also draft bespoke agreements for research that does not fall within any of the agreement types above.

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