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Research Operations Office


Q. What should the timesheet look like?

Q. How often should timesheets be completed?

Timesheets need to be produced promptly every month for each month that the member of staff works on the project.

Q. Who should complete the timesheet?

The individual undertaking the work should complete and sign the timesheet and their line manager should counter sign it.

Q. What happens if I only spend half of my time on a research grant?

When completing the timesheet, you need to show all of your productive hours so that includes the number of hours spent on the grant AND number of hours spent elsewhere during your working week.

Q. What happens if I spend time on several projects from different sponsors?

On your timesheet you will need to complete a different line of activity for each project that you work on.

Q. What happens if I take annual leave or am sick?

 For EC and NIH projects you need to include your annual leave time and sick days on your timesheets.

Q. How long should I keep the timesheets and who should keep them?

Timesheets should be retained for a minimum of 6 years or longer if the terms and conditions of the sponsor request this. Timesheets should be kept by Departments.