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Research Operations Office


In some circumstances, sponsors may be willing to extend an existing award rather than require researchers to apply for a new award. Typically this occurs when the planned research requires more time than originally estimated.

An X5 must be created for the new funding

If there is no X5 proposal for the project, an extension of up to three months can be costed at the original rates. This extension is intended purely to allow the project to be completed. For any longer period, or for extensions that add scope to the project, an X5 project proposal will need to be created.

Please contact ROO if you require

  • additional funding
  • virement between headings (not permitted by the sponsor’s Terms and Conditions)
  • a change of Principal Investigator (PI)
  • any other material change to the project

Please note that extending or amending grants may require approval by your Head of Department and Chair of School.

Renewing an award

A renewed award is for substantially new research in a related area. This is in contrast to extending or amending an existing award, which is for the purpose of completing proposed research. It may be possible to renew an award, for example, if the sponsor agrees that further exploration of the results from the original project is worthwhile.

What is the process for renewing an award?

The process for renewing the award depends on the sponsor. It could involve any of the following

  • a full application process for another award that starts at the end of the present award
  • a revision of the contract for the existing award
  • a further award letter from the sponsor following discussion

In the first instance, researchers who are considering trying to renew an award should contact their Finance Analyst at ROO. If the sponsor suggests a renewal, then please advise us as soon as possible to ensure that the renewal proceeds smoothly.

A budget in X5 will normally need to be completed to obtain the additional award. When the sponsor has agreed to renew an award, please advise your Research Support Advisor and supply the award letter and supporting information as per our winning and activating an award information. The funds for the new award can normally be added to the existing award.