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As soon as you know you will be moving, please contact the following people:

  • Your current department
  • Your new department at your new University
  • The Research Operations Office's Finance Analyst - Research & Grants
  • The Research Operations Office at your new University
  • Your sponsor
  • Any staff employed on the project - consult Human Resources for assistance if staff are going to transfer with you, or will need alternative employment once the project is transferred
  • You will also need to contact our Finance Division to advise the Fixed Assets helpdesk of any equipment that will be transferred out of the University, as this will need to be excluded from the Fixed Assets register

The Research Operations Office offer the following service to assist with the transfer:

  • The Finance Analyst - Resarch & Grants will seek confirmation of the transfer from your current Cambridge department, and will check with them the value of remaining funds to be transferred
  • We will write to the sponsor to confirm Cambridge’s acceptance in principle and will deal with any documentation that may be required from us by the sponsor
  • We will contact your new University to confirm the approximate value of remaining funds to be transferred, and to confirm the arrangements for any staff employed on the grant, any equipment belonging to the project, and any arrangements for the protection of intellectual property relating to this piece of research
  • We will take care of any contractual issues relating to the transfer
  • We will provide the sponsor with a closing budget or final expenditure statement and will deal with any correspondence on budgetary issues
  • We will close the record at Cambridge once the sponsor confirms that the transfer has been approved

IP and contractual issues

In both transfers in and transfers out of Cambridge, it is sensible to document any IP created while at your former institution so as to avoid future ambiguity over ownership. Please send a list of such IP to the Research Operations Offices of both institutions.

It is also important to ensure that your former institution liaises with sponsors and collaborators on existing research agreements to transfer the agreement to your new institution. For transfers out of Cambridge, please contact the Contract Manager for the relevant team as early as possible.