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Research Operations Office


The Research Dashboard - see your research project activity in one place

The Research Dashboard is a web-based application which will give Researchers will have an overview of their applications, grants and contracts including

  • the progress of a grant application in X5

  • a summary of the current balance on a research grant

  • showing the status of a contract negotiation

  • help finding who to contact.


  Click here for the Research Dashboard  


The Research Dashboard displays data from the following systems
CUFS -  last updated with previous day’s data
X5 - this is live data 
Contract Status Portal - this is live data

Pilot - your feedback

The Research Dashboard is available from mid November 2017 and will be rolled out as pilot. This ensures there is maximum opportunity for users to give feedback which will contribute to the continuous improvement of the tool. Your views and suggestions can be emailed to 

Getting Involved

As well as feedback from academics, we would value involvement and feedback from Department Administrators. Role-based access will be a crucial next step in the development of the dashboard as well as other features. If you would like to take part in this discussion and provide further input to the development of the dashboard  please contact Kate Livingstone