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Research Operations Office


The Research Operations Office Management Team

Peter Hedges Head of University Research Office 766964
Jo Dekkers Head of Research Operations Office 766362
Laura Bradford Senior Legal Advisor 336137
Philip Cull Assistant Director, Physical Sciences 764795
Daniel Wunderlich Assistant Director, Arts, Humanitities and Social Sciences 748047
Jo Martindale Assistant Director, Clinical Medicine 333358
Claire Piffard Senior Legal Advisor 336115
Lisa Christie Operations Manager 332271
Renata Schaeffer Assistant Director, Biological Sciences 761648
Lisa Wears Assistant Director, Technology 765442

Schools of Arts & Humanities and Humanities & Social Sciences Team

Daniel Wunderlich Assistant Director, Arts, Humanitities and Social Sciences 748047
Michanne Haynes-Prempeh Research Support Manager 765874
Nikki Bannister Contracts Manager 764803
Lisa Bentley Research Support Advisor 765190
Deborah Fearn Senior Research Support Advisor 761714
Katie Light Research Support Advisor 765057
Claire Milner Research Support Advisor 765912
Georgina Nelson Contracts Administrator 764797
Isabelle Linden Research Facilitator 766171

School of Biological Sciences Team

Renata Schaeffer Assistant Director, Biological Sciences - Interim 761648
Chris Farrah Research Support Manager 766730
Pamela Nunez Senior Contracts Manager 761641
Mercedes Arroyo-Urquijo Research Contracts Specialist 764805
Rohinder Bains Contracts Specialist 335503
Susan Black Contracts Manager 336147
Damien Briggs Research Support Advisor 764794
Daphne Ioannidis Contracts Manager 765402
Marwah Hassan Research Facilitator 335641
Konstantinos Kokalis Research Support Advisor 761651
Seetha LakshmiPK Research Support Advisor 761650  
Ekaterina Gorkowienko Research Support Advisor 761644
Lelia O'Connell Research Operations Policy Manager 760438 Lelia.O'
Aruna Prajapat Research Support Advisor 765870
Manjit Mann Research Support Advisor 764800
  Contracts Assistant 764189  
Sarah Saemian Senior Research Support Advisor 764790
Jenny Willson Senior Contracts Administrator 333491

Biological Impact Team

Vibhuti Patel Translational Research Manager 764799
Kate Parsley Research Facilitator 765192
  Administrator 766163  

Audit and Compliance

Sara Hajnassiri Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager 764189
Paul Bryan Compliance Administrator 764188

School of Clinical Medicine Team

Jo Martindale Assistant Director 333358
Gaynor Hollander Research Support Manager 765193
Lesley Young Grants Manager - CRI 769535
Lawrence Epps Senior Contracts Manager 765025
Risa Sorkin Senior Contracts Manager 765118
Natalie Browne Research Support Advisor 335455
Guy Casy Contracts Manager 764698
Mona Alexander Research Contracts Specialist 335611
Jingwen Chen Research Support Advisor 765213
Will Clark Research Support Advisor 764802
Jenny Darsley Senior Contracts Administrator 333489
Bogusia Probierz Contracts Administrator 348045
Dimple Fernando Research Support Advisor 333477
Emma Gant BRC Research Support Advisor 333468
  Contracts Manager    
Karen Hewitt Research Support Advisor 764191
Emma Gigourtaki Research Support Advisor 765640
Rachel Lenaghan Contracts Manager 764801
Jennifer Loch Contracts Manager 765191
Endhale Mbongolo Contracts Manager 736149
Michael Hood Research Support Advisor 765055
Teresa Pereira de Barros Research Contracts Specialist 335458
Lesley Pilgrim Senior Research Support Advisor 332279
Carolyn Read Research Governance Officer 769291
Alberto Sciretti Research Support Advisor 764187
  Contracts Administrator 348046  
Reema Khoury Research Support Advisor 65791

School of Physical Sciences Team

Philip Cull Assistant Director 764795
Michelle Hild Research Support Manager 333544
David Feller Senior Contracts Manager 761643
Paulina Pieperzyca Institutional Research Programme Coordinator (Herchel Smith) 765145
Rachel Baldwin Senior Research Support Advisor 764809
Mick Carr Research Support Advisor 760340
Shruti Jozwik Junior Contracts Manager 760437
Peter Foglietta Contracts Manager 761646
Peter Martin Research Support Advisor 332174
Barbara Nash Research Support Advisor 764793
  Research Contracts Specialist 765911  
Thomas Rice Research Support Advisor 764806
Anna Barham Contracts Administrator 765913
Shrobona Bhattacharya Research Facilitator - Equipment 765641

School of Technology

Lisa Wears Assistant Director 765442
Tanya Burton Research Support Manager 765868
Alejandro Hollander Senior Contracts Manager 335490
Kasia Barbusinska Research Support Advisor 765352
Oya Finch Research Support Advisor 765869
Clody Howlett Contracts Administrator 335616
Sarah Jiwa Research Contacts Sepcialist 764801
Andy Measor Research Support Avisor 332871
Teresa Mills Senior Research Support Advisor 336139
Jamie Whitaker Contracts Manager 332873

European Team

Renata Schaeffer European Policy Manager 761648
  European Policy Manager 765418  
Jacopo Benincasa EC Research Support Advisor 332217
Catherine Hill EC Coordinator & Grants Mgr 761647
Bethan Hosking Jones ERC Officer 335501
Nivedita Pande EC Research Support Advisor 764791

Training & Communications Team

Hannah Pawson Information and Communications Manager 765404
Debbie West-Lewis Training Manager 764804

Divisional Administration

Lisa Christie Operations Manager 332271
Geraldine Savage PA/Administrator 765906
Laia Vallverdu Secretarial Assistant 766736