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There are a variety of European funding opportunities available to suit researchers from all disciplines and with different levels of experience. The European Commission aims, objectives and priorities are summarised in the European Commission’s Work Programme Introduction to Horizon 2020

Calls for Proposals

Calls for Proposals are usually published annually based on the aims of the Work Programme. Work Programmes are published every two years, but deadlines for the second year should be treated as ‘indicative only’ until a formal notification is sent by the Commission.

Open Calls for Proposals can be searched by keyword/topic here:

Each Call page has full details of the requirements of the call and links to relevant documentation. It is strongly recommended that academics and departments read all the published call documents relevant to their application. The Research Operations Office also provides factsheets for the main calls which give summarised advice on how to cost your application. These resources will outline any eligibility requirements and it is advised that particular attention is paid to the ’Expected Impact’ element of the call summary which will need to be fully addressed in the proposal.


See also The UK Research Office guide to applying for Horizon 2020 funding


EC funding opportunities

To search for the latest funding opportunities then please see the EC Participant Portal funding opportunities

Contact the Research Operations Office European Team:

Assistant Director for Biological Sciences & EU Matters

Renata Schaeffer

Tel: 01223 761648

European & International Policy Manager 

Laura Carletti

Tel: 01223 748098

EC Coordinator Grants Manager

Catherine Hill

Tel: 01223 761647

European & International Research Facilitator - ERC Matters 

Francesca Nieto

Tel: 01223 335501

Senior EC Support Advisor - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Matters

Peter Martin

Tel: 01223 763141 

EC Research Support Advisors - Financial Matters

Pasquale Raiola

Tel: 01223 766736

The University's EC PIC code: 999977172