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Research Operations Office


A sponsor’s Terms and Conditions will detail the reporting required throughout the life of the award. Please check the conditions carefully to ensure that all reporting requirements are met.

The Research Councils

The Research Councils require (unless specified) a final written or scientific report and a final expenditure statement. The Je-S system is used for submission of reports to the Research.

Once the Principal Investigator (PI) submits a final report via the Je-S system, Research Operations Office (ROO) is required to approve and finally submit the report through Je-S to the Research Councils. ROO check with the department concerned that all necessary expenditure has been posted to the award, and submit the final expenditure statements to the Research Councils within 3 months of the end of the award

For other sponsors, we will prepare and submit any financial reports/statements that are required.

What is the responsibility of the PI?

It is the responsibility of the PI to prepare and submit scientific, written and technical reports.