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Research Operations Office


As part of their Terms and Conditions, some of our research funders require evidence of an individual’s time worked on an award. These sponsors include the Research Councils (RC), European Commission (EC), Innovate UK and National Institute of Health (NIH).

Research Councils

A recent Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC) update states that timesheets need to be kept for all Directly Incurred (DI) staff except those who are working 100% of their contracted time on one project and Post Graduate Research (PGR) students funded under a project. Directly Allocated staff do not need to keep timesheets for RC awards.

How will the timesheets be used in the claiming of staff costs?

In order to claim for the reimbursement of these staff costs, please use the following calculations:

1) Annual salary (including on-costs) / by the TRAC standard of 1650 (or 1720 on EC projects) hours p.a. = hourly rate

e.g.£25,080 / 1650 = £15.20 per hour

2) Hourly rate X (multiplied) by the number of hours (certified on the timesheets for that period) = the cost to be charged to the grant

e.g.£15.20 x 47 hours worked in a month = £714.40

Therefore £714.40 should be charged to the award.

Innovate UK

Innovate UK guidance on time sheets can be found here.

European Commission

National Institute of Health (NIH)

Salary costs are allowable as long as:

  • It is reasonable
  • It conforms to the established policy of the organisation
  • It is consistently applied - regardless of the source of funds
  • It reflects no more than the percentage of time actually devoted to the NIH-funded project

Salaries and wages must be supported by timesheets as this determines the time devoted to individual projects. Accurate allocation of payments is based on the benefits to each of the multiple grant or administrative activities.

Useful Document

Timesheet template (59.5 KB)