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The Contracts Team of the Research Operations Office (ROO) is responsible for all contracts related to research with a wide range of external organisations and for authorizing all research contracts for collaborative research within the University. We are responsible for managing contracts from inception which includes

  • carrying out risk assessments
  • due diligence
  • advising on terms and conditions
  • drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts
  • putting in place other bespoke research related arrangements.


When to contact ROO

Contact the Contract Manager as early as possible when a research contract is required or as soon as communications with external parties commence as this speeds up negotiations, as we can appropriately co-ordinate the different elements involved.


No contractual terms should be agreed with the sponsor or other parties - even verbally - before the Contracts Manager has had the opportunity to review the project.


Non-research contracts

If you require non-research contracts, for example for procurement, consultancy and donations, further details are available here