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FP7 Cooperation Funding Mechanisms

The main mechanisms for Cooperation Funding in FP7 are listed below. Work programmes determine particular funding schemes to be used for the topic on which proposals are invited.

Networks of Excellence (NoE)

Joint Programme of Activities implemented by a number of research organisations integrating their actions in a given field, carried out by research teams in the framework of long-term cooperation. The implementation of this Joint Programme of Activities requires a formal commitment of organisations to coordination and integration of their resources and strategies dedicated to the network. The support is given with a goal of integrating research activities in strategic areas of European competitiveness.

  • Maximum of 5-7 years
  • €4- 15 million
  • 6- 12 participants

Collaborative projects (CPs)

Research projects carried out by consortia of participants from different countries, aiming at developing new knowledge, new technology, products, demonstration activities or common resources for research. The size, scope and internal organisation of projects can vary from field to field and from topic to topic. Projects can range from small or medium-size focused research actions to large-scale integrating projects for achieving a defined objective. Projects are also encouraged to target special groups, such as SMEs and other smaller participants.

  • Small and medium scale collaborative projects
  • targeted to specific objectives
  • overall work plan clearly fixed for the whole project
  • 18-36 months
  • €0.8-3 million (average €1.9M)
  • 6-15 participants
  • Large collaborative projects
  • set of defined, integrated, differentiated activities, covering a range of aspects
  • objective-driven research, addressing a range of different disciplines
  • 36-60 months
  • €4-25 million (average €10M)
  • 10-20 participants

Coordination/ Networking Actions

Activities aimed at coordinating or supporting research efforts and policies (networking, exchanges, trans-national access to research infrastructures, studies, conferences, etc.).

Support actions

Preparation of future actions, using on-going research to define future research agendas

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