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The Specific Capacities Programme aims to enhance research and innovation capacities throughout Europe, and to ensure their optimal use.

In order to develop the research potential in the enlarged Union, it is necessary to unlock the potential of existing research groups, in particularly those in convergence and outmost regions. 

The Commission’s proposal expands on the FP6 Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge & Development Scheme and on the FP5 schemes on European Centres of Excellence to achieve this.  Activities will include encouraging the exchange of know-how and experience through secondments of staff; recruiting incoming experienced researchers and acquiring new research equipment. There will be workshops and conferences to facilitate knowledge transfer, as well as dissemination and promotional activities.

There are seven broad areas within the Capacities programme:

  • Research Infrastructures
  • Research for the Benefit of SME's
  • Regions of Knowledge and Support for Regional Research-driven Clusters
  • Research Potential of Convergence Regions
  • Science in Society
  • Support to the Coherent Development of Research Policies
  • International cooperation

For further information on the Capacities Programme, please visit the EC Document page.

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