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This page shows facilities that are available in X5. You can search for an item using the box below.

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Please note this displays only the University wide Major Research Facilities (MRFs) and Small Research Facilities (SRFs).

Code Name
SRF160 9.4T MRI scanner (PDN)
SRF181 Abberior STED confocal microscope (Genetics)
SRF169 AFM System
SRF134 Algal Innovation Centre
SRF180 Ambient processing cluster tool
SRF084g Analysis tools
SRF116 Atomic Force Microscope (Chem. BT)
SRF074 BD FACScan/DakoCytomation CyanADP MLE/DakoCytomation MoFlo MLS
CRI001 Bioinformatics
SRF089b Bulk Functional Materials Characterisation - Half-Day charged eqmt
SRF089a Bulk Functional Materials Characterisation - Hourly charged eqpmt
SRF064 Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre
SRF188 Cambridge Clinical Research Centre (Renewal)
SRF187 Cambridge Clinical Research Centre (Set Up)
SRF138 Cambridge Graphene Centre Facilities
SRF156 Cell Culture Facility (Pharmacology)
SRF157 Centrifugation Facility (Pharmacology)
SRF031 CIMR Confocal Microscopy
SRF144 CIMR Electron Microscope
SRF033 CIMR Flow Analysers
SRF034 CIMR Flow Sorter
SRF130 CIMR Fluorescent Microscopy inc Arrayscan
SRF182 CIMR Melody Sorter
SRF131 CIMR Super Resolution Microscopy
SRF145 CIMR/IMS Proteomics Facility
CRI002 Compliance and Biobanking
SRF118 Confocal Microscope (Chem. BT)
SRF037 Confocal Microscope (Zoology)
SRF075 Confocal microscopes (Pharmacology)
SRF161 Cryo EM - Talos Artica
SRF162 Cryo EM - Titan Krios
SRF163 Cryo EM - Vitrobot
SRF158 Cryostorage Facility (Pharmacology)
SRF039 CSCR Flow Cytometry (Stem Cell Institute)
SRF070 CSCR Histology
SRF048 DNA Sequencing = PHCF
SRF066 E-Beam Facility
SRF091 E-Beam Lithography System - Nanoscience Centre
SRF035 Electrical Engineering Clean Facility
SRF190 Electron Microscope (Chemistry)
SRF167 Environmental XPS (SPECS Enviro ESCA / Thermo
SRF084k Equipment (Engineering)
SRF120 Experimental Glasshouses
SRF119 Experimental Plots
SRF090 Field Emission SEM - Nanoscience Centre
CRI004 Flow Cytometry
SRF153 Flow Cytometry (Gurdon)
SRF125 Fly Facility - Fly Media
SRF123 Fly Facility - Microinjection Work
SRF084a G.01 Laser source
SRF084b G.02 Process room
SRF084i G.06 Ultra Precision platform.
SRF084c G.08 - spraying
SRF084d G04 - U Fast
SRF084e G10 - Marking
SRF184 Gallop Storm Microscope (Gurdon Institute)
SRF139 Gene Services
SRF159 General Imaging Facility (Pharmacology)
SRF124 Genetics Confocal
SRF154 Genetics Confocal (Leica)
CRI005 Genome Editing
CRI006 Genomics
SRF135 Gurdon Bioinformatics
SRF063 Gurdon Charge
SRF062 Gurdon Confocal
SRF137 Gurdon Sequencing
SRF113 Helios FIB (SEM)
SRF067 Helium Liquefier
HPCF High Performance Computer Facility (HPCF) - CPU
HPCF2 High Performance Computer Facility (HPCF) - GPU
SRF166 High Res 3D X-Ray Tomography (Engineering)
CRI007 Histopathology
SRF084j Holography (Engineering)
CRI008 Imaging
SRF106 Imaging Services
CRI009 Information Technology
SRF095 Kurt Lesker E-Beam Evaporator - Nanoscience Centre
CRI014 Laboratory Management
SRF165 Large Bore Superconducting Magnet (Engineering)
SRF084h Lasers
SRF189 Magnetic Characterisation - Imaging System (Physics)
SRF164 Mask Aligner - Nanoscience Centre (Engineering)
SRF025 Mass Spectrometry (Chemistry)
SRF100 Media Production
SRF084f Met Prep
SRF060 Microarray Facility (Pathology)
CRI010 Microscopy
SRF143 Microscopy (Pathology)
SRF128 Microscopy Core (Sainsbury Laboratory)
SRF172 Modular MPMS
SRF117 Morphology G3 Microscope (Chem. BT)
SRF174 Multi-Material 3D Printer (Engineering)
SRF129 Nanoscience Centre Cleanroom
SRF186 NMR (Biochemistry)
SRF026 NMR (Chemistry)
SRF126 PD - Linux Server Cluster
SRF127 PF - CT Scanner
SRF001 Physics Dept Tecnai 20 TEM
SRF006 Physics Dept XL30 SEM
SRF087 Plant Growth Facility (Plant Sciences)
SRF088 Plant Growth Facility (Sainsbury Laboratory)
SRF183 PLD/XPS system (Mat Sci & Met)
SRF012 Polymer Lab
SRF008 Process Lab
CRI012 Proteomics
SRF081 Proteomics FACILITY
SRF151 PT Group
SRF171 PVD - Sputter
SRF155 qPCR Facility
SRF020 Raman
CRI013 Research Instrumentation and Cell Services
SRF192 RIE ICP Plasma Pro (Nanoscience)
SRF168 Royce EBL Suite (Physics)
SRF176 Royce High Frequency Electrical Characterisation Suite (Engineering)
SRF175 Royce High Voltage Electrical Characterisation Suite (Engineering)
SRF097 SCS Paralyene Coater - Nanoscience Centre
SRF142 Sony Cell Sorter
SRF068 South Wing Computer Room
SRF121 South Wing Computer Room - server rental
SRF023 Staple Isotopes
SRF086 Structural Biofacility - Annual Rate
SRF152 Structural Biofacility - Day Rate
SRF114 Tecnai F20 (TEM)
SRF173 TEM Holders (EM)
SRF179 Thermoelectric test system
SRF101 Vehicle Pool
SRF193 Vet Med Analytical Chemistry
SRF148 Vet Med FACS CL2/3
SRF194 Vet Med Imaging
SRF150 Vet Med Sequencing (Miseq)
WBIC368 WBIC: 3T MR (Charity)
WBIC376 WBIC: 3T MR (Commercial only)
WBIC373 WBIC: 3T MR (Commerical & Academic)
WBIC369 WBIC: 7T MR (Charity)
WBIC378 WBIC: 7T MR (Commercial only)
WBIC375 WBIC: 7T MR (Commerical & Academic)
WBIC335 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Acetate (Charity)
WBIC337 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Acetate (Commercial & academic)
WBIC339 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Acetate (Commercial only)
WBIC341 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Acetate (fEC)
WBIC336 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Acetate Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC342 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Acetate Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC386 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Leucine (Charity)
WBIC390 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Leucine (Commercial & academic)
WBIC391 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Leucine (Commercial only)
WBIC388 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Leucine (fEC)
WBIC387 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Leucine Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC389 WBIC: Ligand: 11C Leucine Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC380 WBIC: Ligand: 11C UCB-J (Charity)
WBIC384 WBIC: Ligand: 11C UCB-J (Commercial & academic)
WBIC385 WBIC: Ligand: 11C UCB-J (Commercial only)
WBIC382 WBIC: Ligand: 11C UCB-J (fEC)
WBIC381 WBIC: Ligand: 11C UCB-J Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC383 WBIC: Ligand: 11C UCB-Je Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC344 WBIC: Ligand: AV1541 (Charity)
WBIC346 WBIC: Ligand: AV1541 (Commercial & academic)
WBIC348 WBIC: Ligand: AV1541 (Commercial only)
WBIC350 WBIC: Ligand: AV1541 (fEC)
WBIC345 WBIC: Ligand: AV1541 Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC351 WBIC: Ligand: AV1541 Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC216 WBIC: Ligand: FLT (Charity)
WBIC219 WBIC: Ligand: FLT (Commercial & academic)
WBIC220 WBIC: Ligand: FLT (Commercial only)
WBIC217 WBIC: Ligand: FLT (fEC)
WBIC263 WBIC: Ligand: FLT Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC266 WBIC: Ligand: FLT Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC211 WBIC: Ligand: FMISO (Charity)
WBIC214 WBIC: Ligand: FMISO (Commercial & academic)
WBIC215 WBIC: Ligand: FMISO (Commercial only)
WBIC212 WBIC: Ligand: FMISO (fEC)
WBIC271 WBIC: Ligand: FMISO Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC274 WBIC: Ligand: FMISO Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC360 WBIC: Ligand: GE179 (Charity)
WBIC362 WBIC: Ligand: GE179 (Commercial & academic)
WBIC364 WBIC: Ligand: GE179 (Commercial only)
WBIC366 WBIC: Ligand: GE179 (fEC)
WBIC361 WBIC: Ligand: GE179 Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC367 WBIC: Ligand: GE179 Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC315 WBIC: Ligand: Methionine (Charity)
WBIC317 WBIC: Ligand: Methionine (Commercial & academic)
WBIC319 WBIC: Ligand: Methionine (Commercial only)
WBIC321 WBIC: Ligand: Methionine (fEC)
WBIC316 WBIC: Ligand: Methionine Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC322 WBIC: Ligand: Methionine Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC323 WBIC: Ligand: Metomidate (Charity)
WBIC325 WBIC: Ligand: Metomidate (Commercial & academic)
WBIC327 WBIC: Ligand: Metomidate (Commercial only)
WBIC329 WBIC: Ligand: Metomidate (fEC)
WBIC324 WBIC: Ligand: Metomidate Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC330 WBIC: Ligand: Metomidate Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC231 WBIC: Ligand: PIB (Charity)
WBIC234 WBIC: Ligand: PIB (Commercial & academic)
WBIC235 WBIC: Ligand: PIB (Commercial only)
WBIC232 WBIC: Ligand: PIB (fEC)
WBIC275 WBIC: Ligand: PIB Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC278 WBIC: Ligand: PIB Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC226 WBIC: Ligand: PK (Charity)
WBIC229 WBIC: Ligand: PK (Commercial & academic)
WBIC230 WBIC: Ligand: PK (Commercial only)
WBIC227 WBIC: Ligand: PK (fEC)
WBIC279 WBIC: Ligand: PK Pre-Clinical non-GMP (Charity)
WBIC282 WBIC: Ligand: PK Pre-Clinical non-GMP (fEC)
WBIC393 WBIC: Ligand: RPU (Charity)
WBIC394 WBIC: Ligand: RPU (Commercial & academic)
WBIC395 WBIC: Ligand: RPU (Commercial only)
WBIC392 WBIC: Ligand: RPU (fEC)
WBIC370 WBIC: PET-MR (Charity)
WBIC379 WBIC: PET-MR (Commercial only)
WBIC377 WBIC: PET-MR (Commerical & Academic)
WBIC109 WBIC: Spectroscopy (Charity)
WBIC111 WBIC: Spectroscopy (Commercial & academic)
WBIC112 WBIC: Spectroscopy (Commercial only)
WBIC110 WBIC: Spectroscopy (fEC)
SRF140 Whittle Lab 3D Printer (free issue material)
SRF141 Whittle Lab Metrology (GOM Scanner)
SRF011 WORKSHOP (Mat. Sci.)
SRF191 X-Ray Diffraction (Chemistry)
SRF009 XRAY (Mat. Sci.)