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How to apply

1. Applicants should speak with their Departmental Administrator to ensure Departmental support.

2. Applicants should contact the KTP Manager Simon Daly to check the eligibility of their project for KTP and to obtain the outline application form for completion.

3. The completed outline form should be sent to the KTP Adviser Dr Jody Chatterjee for review. The Adviser will arrange a meeting with the company and academic supervisor to assess the proposed partnership.

4. Once the KTP Advisor has given approval to proceed, the KTP Manager Simon Daly will open an online application form that will need to be completed by the academic supervisor and company.

5. At full application stage, the Research Operations Office (ROO) will need to check the proposal to ensure costs have been calculated correctly. ROO requires 3 working days to do this which is the usual turnaround time for applications please contact your Research Support Advisor with your application

6. Once these checks have been undertaken, the KTP Advisor will review the entire application. ROO will sign the Join Commitment Statement and the application will be finally submitted by the KTP Manager Simon Daly

7. If successful, a collaboration agreement will be negotiated on behalf of the applicant by ROO.


KTP deadlines for full application stage

Deadlines for proposal submission are typically every 2 months. The most up to date deadlines can be found at

Applicants can contact the KTP advisor at any time to discuss a proposal.  However, it is recommended that work on an application begins at least 6 weeks prior to the deadline.

The following spreadsheet will help you understand the budget involved, please use your Raven Account to access it.

Example KTP Budget (16.68 KB)

If you would like to discuss your KTP ideas further, please contact:

KTP Manager

Simon Daly

Tel: 01223 336107


Regional KTP Advisor

Jody Chatterjee

Mobile: + 07887 691150

KTP helpline: 0300 321 4357