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Research Operations Office


There are two types of application procedures

  • Standard applications under £150,000 fEC (full economic costing)
  • Non-standard applications under £150,000 and all applications over £150,000 fEC (full economic costing

Applications under £150,000 fEC

Note: some Departments have their own internal deadlines; please check with your Departmental Administrator.

How to submit your application under £150,000 fEC

  • The Research Operations Office will not routinely check standard applications under £150,000 fEC*, therefore use the Department checklist for small awards
  • For standard applications once your Departmental checklist has been completed, please ensure your application is with us at least 24 hours before the funder deadline so that ROO can submit it on behalf of the University
  • For non-standard applications* (see execptions below), please ensure your application is with us at least 3 working days before the funder deadline for specific calls and 5 working days for open calls.

If your standard application is below £150,000 fEC, but you would like the Research Operations Office to check your application, then we would be happy to do so. Please advise the Research Support Advisor in your School Team at the Research Operations Office and allow the standard 3 working days turnaround for specific calls and 5 working day turnaround for open calls.


  • Cambridge has not dealt with the funder before and therefore due diligence is required
  • the funder is overseas
  • the project involves subcontracting or collaborations
  • there are potential ethical issues or special insurance requirements
  • the application is for Government Funding or in response to a Tender
  • the application is for a restricted call
  • when the funder specifically requests that checks are undertaken by ROO

Please contact the Research Support Administrator in your School Team at the Research Operations Office so that we can carry out full checks on your application.

Applications over £150,000 fEC

For applications over £150,000 fEC, Departments are asked to categorise applications into high and low risk.

High risk factors for an application include:

  • For High Risk applications including those requiring the negotiation of non-standard contracts and review of tender documents, new funders and collaborators you should contact your Department and/or the Research Operations Office at the earliest opportunity and allow time for any issues to be reviewed and resolved – you do not need to wait until your application is finalised
  • High Risk applications should be submitted to the Research Operations Office at least 5 working days prior to the deadline for submission


  • If you application is for a specific deadline, please allow at least 3 working days for the ROO to check it
  • If your application is for an Open call please allow at least 5 working days for the ROO to check it
  • Clinical School applications over £1million fEC require approval by Head of the Clinical School so allow an additional 3 working days to the above deadlines
  • Other School applications over £5million fEC, should allow an additional 5 working days to the above deadlines

Research Support Letters

Where sponsors request a support letter signed by the Pro-Vice Chancellor Research to be submitted with the application, the requests for support letter are to be submitted to the Research Strategy Office 15 (fifteen) working days ahead of the sponsor’s deadline or other institution’s deadline. Further information and guidelines available here.

Does your application also require negotiation?

Certain research projects require the University to negotiate and sign a contract with the other parties involved or to provide additional assurances on behalf of the University, all of which can take time. If this applies to your project, please get in touch with your Contract Manager at the Research Operations Office. More information can be found at Research Contracts.

Submitting the application to the sponsor

For electronic submission forms and X5 proposals, we will submit the checked application to the sponsor on your behalf and notify you of the submission. For paper applications, we will notify you that we have completed checking the application and that the document is ready for collection for you to send to the sponsor.

Further information

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