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Research Operations Office


If your application is successful

  • If your application is successful and the grant offered matches the costs identified on the original X5 proposal, we will assume you are happy to procees with the research and will accept the award and activate the grant so that you can get started. If the amount is significantly different then we will consult you and the Head of Department before activating the grant or accepting the award


If your application is not successful

When an application is submitted to a sponsor, the Research Operations Office retain the file until either we have been advised that it has been unsuccessful or 12 months has passed. Once an application is deemed unsuccessful the Research Operations Office will:

  • Change the X5 Funder Decision Status to Project Rejected
  • Send a monthly e-mail to Departments listing the unsuccessful applications which are due to be destroyed
  • Retain the paperwork for a further 3 months before destroying unless the Department requests otherwise


Need further information?

Please contact the Research Support Advisor in your School Team.


Need further information?