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Research Operations Office


Departments have the option to submit their application to the Research Operations Office for review before the application has been finalised. This allows the PI to continue working on the academic case, whilst the Research Operations Office reviews the remaining aspects of the application.

What you need to do

Send the following to the Research Operations Office via your Department Administration:

  • The latest draft of the academic case
  • The application form including the budget section
  • justification of resources
  • the X5 should be submitted through the electronic workflow

The documentation required in an application varies by Funder, please contact your Research Support Adviser at the Research Operations Office for individual guidance.


Applicants submitting their application for Pre-Check must do so by the standard deadlines

  • 3 working days for specific calls
  • 5 working days for open calls
  • The final version of the application submitted to the Research Operations Office at least 24 hours prior to the deadline for submission

On receipt of the final version of the application, the Research Operations Office will submit the application without carrying out any further checks, unless we are informed that there have been changes made to the non-academic parts of the application.

Please note that applications should only be submitted for ‘Pre-Checks’ where it is reasonably expected that the application (excluding the academic case) will not be subject to change.

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