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Research Operations Office


Published on 3 July 2020

Research Funder Updates

As research funders continue to review their guidance for grant holders and applicants, the Research Operations Office has updated its website to reflect the current position of our major sponsors. In addition there is general advice about extending the length of a research project and other considerations around management of research projects during the COVID-19 crisis.


Research Grants User Group Meetings

The next meeting of the Research Grants User Group (RGUG) will take place as a Live Meeting on Tuesday 28th July at 11:15am. Agenda topics will include Managing Funding on EU Awards and Furlough of Staff on Research Grants. 

Join Microsoft Teams Event

When you log in, please do so with your more details can be found at the MS Teams Cambridge Hub.

The previous RGUG recording from 16th June is now available to watch.  Questions and answers around the new Research Investigator Time Policy and furlough of staff on research grants is available on the ROO website.


Global Health Research Projects

Rose Eichenberger is the Global Health Research Manager at the Research Office and is available to answers queries and advise researchers undertaking health research projects in Low and Middle Income Countries. If you work on a global health research project then Rose would like to hear from you. She is keen to have (virtual) meetings with researchers across all Schools and you can contact her on or chat on Teams.

For more information about this initiative, see the new Global Health Research pages on the Research Office website.  For guidance on international clinical projects, please go to the Undertaking International Health Research pages on the Clinical School website.