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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 09/02/2018 - 09:11

When the updated rates for MRFs and SRFs were loaded into X5 on 1st February 2018, the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre (WBIC) was inadvertently omitted from the list. This has now been corrected so that the WBIC shows the new rates, however Departments / users will need to use the following procedure to upload the correct rates on their current costings.

If your costing includes WBIC and is in “Draft”, “Not approved” or “Submitted”, please follow these steps

  • If the facilities rates file shows 01/02/2017, it is out of date. Users need to update the file so that it shows 01/02/2018
  • If the facilities rates file is up to date i.e. the date of the file is 01/02/2018, users will need to delete their WBIC entries, save and re-enter them (the new price will then be pulled through).

If you have any queries, please contact your Research Support Advisor at the Research Operations Office.