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Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

The Wellcome Trust are making several changes to the schemes that they offer, including a new funding mechanism for collaborative research and the introduction of seed funding to support researchers who want to develop original and innovative ideas. Across their funding framework they are also introducing a clearer distinction between strategic funding and responsive funding.

  •  Strategic Funding

Strategic funding is available in research areas that are judged to be strategically important, informed by dialogue with researchers and the wider community. Applications will usually be invited, however researchers who have ideas that might fit the strategic priorities are being encouraged to discuss how these could be developed.

  •  Responsive Funding

Responsive funding is being divided into five categories that run across the Science, Innovations, Medical Humanities, Society and Ethics, and Engaging Science programmes. The categories are: people, seeds, teams, places and resources.

Details of the changes can be found on their website along with a blog from their Director Dr Jeremy Farrar.