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Published on 21 November 2014

BHF and NIHR Submission Periods Using Researchfish

British Heart Foundation - deadline 1 Dec 2014 

British Heart Foundation are using the following response codes for the 2014 open submission period.

  • Response Code 1:  A submission is expected this year.
  • Response Code 2: No submission is expected this year - the PI has a one year exemption as a result of long term leave e.g. maternity/paternity.
  • Response Code3: No further submissions are expected against this grant – the PI is retired/no longer active in research and/or the grant ended more than five years ago.
  • Response Code 4: The PI is expected to make a submission, but is no longer at your organisation. This grant does not contribute to your organisation’s compliance statistics, and you are not expected to follow up with them.

If any information about your grant is incorrect please e-mail Sanjay Thakrar and cc More information regarding BHF's process can be found on their website and FAQs.

National Institute for Health Research – deadline 5pm on 12 December 2014

All PIs are expected to submit a return. If a return is not submitted on time, the NIHR may apply the following sanctions:

  • lack of compliance will be considered in future applications for NIHR funding
  • payments for the award may be withheld

More information regarding NIHR's process can be found on their website and FAQs.

Researchfish username and password

If you can’t find your username details for Researchfish, send an e-mail to If you need to reset your password, please visit and a link to reset your password will be sent to the email address associated with your Researchfish account.

ERC Starting Grants Information Event - 27 November

European Research Council (ERC) starting grants allow aspiring PIs to start their own independent research team. Offering 5 years funding of up to €1.5 million, these substantial grants are open to researchers with 2 -7 years’ postdoc experience.

The Careers Service and Research Operations Office are hosting a joint event about what makes a successful application. Confirmed speakers include Professor Daniel St Johnston, Starting Grant Panel Chair in 2014, Bethan Jones, ERC Officer, Research Operations Office, Dr Andreas Bender, recent starting grant holder.

Date: Thursday 27 November 2014

Time: 1pm–4.30pm

Venue: Department of Biochemistry, Tennis Court Road

Audience: All researchers in life science, physical science and technology disciplines

To book a place at this event, please register on the Careers Service website.

Note:  a session dedicated to the Arts & Humanities and Humanities & Social Sciences took place on 18th November 


Application and Expenditure Statement Deadlines during the Christmas Break

There are a number of deadlines which fall during the Christmas break and the first week of January 2015. To help us manage this work more effectively could you make your PIs aware that applications need to be with us on the following dates:

1. Funder Deadline Applications                                      With Research Operations Office 

Tuesday 23 December 2014 - Monday 5 January 2015        Tuesday 16 December 2014

Tuesday 6 January –  Friday 9 January 2015                       Thursday 18 December 2014


2. Final expenditure on RCUK Final Expenditure Statements due between Saturday 20 December 2014 and Monday 12 January 2015 must be confirmed to Research Operations by Tuesday 16 December.  This is to allow Final Expenditure Statements to be submitted prior to the Christmas break, as the due date will not be extended by RCUK.

Wellcome Trust Unveils New Funding Framework

The Wellcome Trust are making several changes to the schemes that they offer, including a new funding mechanism for collaborative research and the introduction of seed funding to support researchers who want to develop original and innovative ideas. Across their funding framework they are also introducing a clearer distinction between strategic funding and responsive funding.

  •  Strategic Funding

Strategic funding is available in research areas that are judged to be strategically important, informed by dialogue with researchers and the wider community. Applications will usually be invited, however researchers who have ideas that might fit the strategic priorities are being encouraged to discuss how these could be developed.

  •  Responsive Funding

Responsive funding is being divided into five categories that run across the Science, Innovations, Medical Humanities, Society and Ethics, and Engaging Science programmes. The categories are: people, seeds, teams, places and resources.

Details of the changes can be found on their website along with a blog from their Director Dr Jeremy Farrar.