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Research Operations Office


Published on Thu, 05/10/2017 - 15:49

LEES (the University’s appointed auditors for federal and EC grants) attended the 59th Annual Meeting of the National Council of University Research Administrators in Washington, DC, to understand current issues for UK institutions in respect of research grants from US Federal Sources. These updates are especially useful as US Federal Funds have been subject to a major programme of integration under an umbrella of regulations known as the Uniform Guidance. Their guidance notes are available on the ROO Website . In particular it should be noted that

  • Any Research Facilities are based on actual evidenced usage of the facilities at an auditable rate that does not include a mark-up.
  • Pass-Through Entities are required by the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200.330 – 332) to perform risk assessments and regularly monitor their sub-recipients.
  • Equipment is defined as the lower of $5k or the internal beneficiary policy. For the University of Cambridge the internal policy is £5K, therefore $5K will apply. Grant holders must be able to track equipment purchased on Federal Funds and auditors must be able to inspect fabricated equipment.
  • On NIH awards, salaries for staff in excess of the NIH Salary Cap are ineligible.

Full details can be found in the guidance notes. If you have any queries, please contact