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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 13/01/2023 - 13:40

Following the UKRI FAP audit last year, we implemented new timesheet procedures for DI staff working less than 100% on a grant which included setting up SharePoint libraries for uploading timesheets. UKRI will be returning to the University of Cambridge for three days, 24th – 26th January, to conduct substantive testing of the new procedures and will have access to your Department SharePoint libraries site where the timesheets are stored.

Whilst UKRI have a list of specific grants they are going to review (you will have heard from us already if this involves your Department), UKRI may be doing some spot checks on any of the timesheets. Therefore, it would be prudent to focus on making sure that all timesheets from 1st July 2022 are in your Department’s SharePoint Library (Pending or Final), that the tracker spreadsheet is up to date and all costs in CUFS are in the correct Task.

As stated in previous bulletins, DI staff working less than 100% on a grant are required to have timesheets from 1st July 2022 onwards. Without this timesheet evidence, staff costs cannot be claimed from the funder and instead would need to be covered by Department budgets.