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Published on Fri, 03/09/2021 - 10:37

National and international business travel can play a key part in academic, research and education objectives at the University of Cambridge. However, in 2018/19, carbon emissions from business travel were roughly equivalent to emissions from gas used for space and water heating across the University estate (Environmental Sustainability Report 2019).  The University of Cambridge is carrying out a consultation (led by The Sustainability team and Cambridge Zero) to ask for feedback from staff and students on a new draft Sustainable Business Travel Policy.

All members of the University are invited to share their views on business travel, and give feedback on the draft policy by completing a consultation questionnaire [Raven login required] by 3pm on Friday 29th October. You can also express your views further by attending a focus group or 1:1 discussion. Either provide your contact details in the questionnaire or email