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Research Operations Office


Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

Following the Research Policy Committee meeting on 17 January 2013, we can confirm that from 8 February 2013 there will be new deadlines for submitting grant applications to the Research Operations Office (ROO).

In summary, Departments are asked to risk assess applications for the following and determine whether they are ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ risk:

  1. New sponsor – requires ethical and finance checks

  2. PI / co-I eligibility query

  3. Further budget checks required

  4. As agreed by Department and ROO Assistant Director

 The following deadlines will then apply:

Submission of Budget, Justification of Resources, Other


   Full Checks

                           Possible Minimal Checks

                                 No Checks

High Risk

   5 – 10 days

                           24hrs to 4 days

                                 Less than 24hrs

Low Risk

   3+ days

                           24hrs to 2 days

                                 Less than 24hrs

Submission of the Academic/Scientific Case, Final Budget

High Risk 24+ hrs

Low Risk 24+ hrs

Further information and advice can be found from the slides presented at RGUG and the news item on the ROO website. If you have any queries please contact your School Assistant Director.