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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 12/10/2018 - 14:18

As announced in the previous bulletin, the new research grant application deadlines are now in place as follows

  • A 2-stage service available until 7 working days before the funder submission deadline which will provide all financial checks and allow changes to the non-financial aspects of the application until 1 working day before the funder submission deadline.

  • A single deadline of 5 working days before the funder submission deadline for all standard applications and open calls.

  • The threshold for small applications is now £250k fEC.

Example - if a funder deadline is Thursday 8th November at 4pm, you will need to send your application to ROO by the following dates

2 stage check

  • No later than Tuesday 30th October at 4pm (7 working days) comprising of fully submitted X5, JoR, budget tables
  • No Later than Wednesday 7th November at 4pm (1 working day) including full technical application (and ROO approved X5, JoR, budget tables)


1 stage check

  • No later than Thursday 1st November at 4pm (5 working days) for the full application

Further details about the New Research Grants Application Deadlines are available on the ROO website.