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Published on 12 October 2018

Costs for Researcher Development on Research Grants

During the Summer of 2018, a review was undertaken of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. Recommendations have now been published and a revised version of the concordant is expected in 2019.

It is likely that there will be changes to funder expectations and policies regarding researcher development and therefore until the outcomes are confirmed, the standard of £500 per year per post funded to direct costs for the professional development of postdoc research staff should no longer be included in grant applications. Costs for trainings explicitly linked to the Pathways to Impact statement remain eligible and applicants are encouraged to include these where appropriate in line with existing guidelines of the funder concerned.

The University is in dialogue with UKRI and other funders regarding this and will contribute to the consultation on the revised Concordat. If you have any queries, please contact

Reminder – New Research Grants Application Deadlines

As announced in the previous bulletin, the new research grant application deadlines are now in place as follows

  • A 2-stage service available until 7 working days before the funder submission deadline which will provide all financial checks and allow changes to the non-financial aspects of the application until 1 working day before the funder submission deadline.

  • A single deadline of 5 working days before the funder submission deadline for all standard applications and open calls.

  • The threshold for small applications is now £250k fEC.

Example - if a funder deadline is Thursday 8th November at 4pm, you will need to send your application to ROO by the following dates

2 stage check

  • No later than Tuesday 30th October at 4pm (7 working days) comprising of fully submitted X5, JoR, budget tables
  • No Later than Wednesday 7th November at 4pm (1 working day) including full technical application (and ROO approved X5, JoR, budget tables)


1 stage check

  • No later than Thursday 1st November at 4pm (5 working days) for the full application

Further details about the New Research Grants Application Deadlines are available on the ROO website.

Research Grants User Group Meeting - 29th November 2018

The next Research Grants User Group (RGUG) meeting will be held on Thursday 29th November, 2pm – 3.30pm at the Institute of Public Health, Addenbrookes Site. RGUG is an open meeting for all staff involved in research grants where administration issues and developments are discussed. If you have any questions or suggestions for topics please contact



EC Grants: the Personnel Costs Calculation Wizard

Some EC grant holders have received a notification informing them of a new tool called the “personnel costs calculation wizard”. Since the tool is part of the usual H2020 financial reporting that is done by the Research Operations Office, there is no need for PIs to use the tool.  If you have any queries, please contact the EU team at