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Published on Fri, 22/11/2019 - 14:20

When a potential new funder or collaborator is being requested, the Due Diligence Team undertake reputational, ethical and financial assessments at application stage. In order to turnaround these requests in a timely way, here is a reminder of the process  

When completing the new funder / collaborator form, email your Research Development Team and copy the following teams

For a new funder set up

Email and

For new collaborator requests


Research funders are increasingly asking universities to undertake a more thorough process of due diligence when it comes to sub-awarding funds overseas. The main aim is to demonstrate that the PIs and the University have assurance that international research partners can demonstrate their ability to deliver the proposed research and have appropriate governance and financial controls. For Global Challenges Research Fund applications, please identify it as GCRF in the funder scheme name and advise the Due Diligence Team who you are proposing to collaborate with as early as possible, whether or not there is a proposed transfer of funds.

 For further information please see the updated guidance on the ROO website.