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Published on 22 November 2019

Clinical Pay Scales Into X5

The following updated pay scales with an effective date (COLA date) of 01/04/2019 were uploaded into X5 on Tuesday 19th November -

  • NHS grades for nurses: NHS6, NHS7 and NHS8a grades. Note: these are different to Research nurses grades
  • Clinical grades such as CLLR and CLLRSTR grades
  • The Clinical banded rate: CCBR (Clinical Consultant scale)

For existing costings the Rates tab will show the Salary files, and either the University inflation file or the Funder inflation setup file as out of date. To apply the new rates to existing costings, go to the rates table tab and update the out of date files by clicking on “apply all updated files now”.

Christmas and New Year Deadlines for Applications and Expenditure Statements

Due to the Christmas vacation the Research Operations Office (ROO) will close from 1pm on Tuesday 24th December 2019 and will re-open on Thursday 2nd January 2020. Therefore please be aware of the following deadlines –

Final Expenditure Statements for UKRI awards over the Christmas period must be confirmed to the Research Operations Office by Friday 29th November 2019. This is to allow Final Expenditure Statements to be submitted to the funder, prior to the Christmas closure.

If you have a funder deadline between Monday 23rd Dec 2019 – Thursday 2nd Jan 2020, applications should reach the ROO for

7 Working days deadline

Thursday 12th December 2019

5 Working days deadline

Monday 16th December 2019

1 Working day deadline

Friday 20th December 2019

The Research Operations Office will be open for business as usual until 1pm on Tuesday 24th December. If you have applications with a funder deadline in the first week of January, when counting back for 1, 5 and 7 working days, Monday 23rd December will be the last full working day before Christmas.

You can use the online calculator to show the number of working days prior to the funder deadline, that your application needs to be with ROO for checking

For example,

Funder deadline

Tuesday 7th January 2020, 5pm

7 working days

Wednesday 18th December 2019, 5pm

5 working days

Friday 20th December 2019, 5pm

1 working day

Monday 6th January 2020, 5pm

Please ensure that your PIs are made aware of these arrangements.


RGUG Meeting – 3rd December 2019

The Research Grant User Group (RGUG) meeting is led by the Research Operations Office and is an open forum where research grant administration issues and developments are discussed. The next meeting will take place as follows

Tuesday 3rd December 2019

2pm – 3:30pm


Norwich Auditorium, Roger Needham Building, 7 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0RB

The minutes of the last meeting are available on the ROO website. If you have any queries, please contact


New Funder or Collaborator Requests

When a potential new funder or collaborator is being requested, the Due Diligence Team undertake reputational, ethical and financial assessments at application stage. In order to turnaround these requests in a timely way, here is a reminder of the process  

When completing the new funder / collaborator form, email your Research Development Team and copy the following teams

For a new funder set up

Email and

For new collaborator requests


Research funders are increasingly asking universities to undertake a more thorough process of due diligence when it comes to sub-awarding funds overseas. The main aim is to demonstrate that the PIs and the University have assurance that international research partners can demonstrate their ability to deliver the proposed research and have appropriate governance and financial controls. For Global Challenges Research Fund applications, please identify it as GCRF in the funder scheme name and advise the Due Diligence Team who you are proposing to collaborate with as early as possible, whether or not there is a proposed transfer of funds.

 For further information please see the updated guidance on the ROO website.