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Research Operations Office


Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

It is anticipated that the University’s New Costing Tool (X5) will be rolled out across the University within the next few months.

In preparation for this event, the Research Operations Office will be holding a number of  briefing sessions on fEC and the impact it has on the grants submitted by the University.

This invitation is open to all staff who would appreciate a more in-depth explanation as to how this methodology affects the various aspects of Costing and Pricing and the influence of the Income Allocation Policy adopted by the University.

Should you wish to attend, please would you email:  indicating your preference.


Date                              Time                              Venue                                                                           Capacity

30 January 13               10.00-11.30             Research Operations, 2nd floor, 16 Mill Lane                        25 seats

5 February 13               10.00 - 11.30           Research Operations, 2nd Floor, 16 Mill Lane                       25 seats

7 February 13               09.00-10.30             Clinical Schools Room  8                                                       36 seats

14 February 13             13.30-15.00             Research Operations, 2nd Floor, 16 Mill Lane                       25 Seats