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Research Operations Office


New Financial Conflict of Interest policy to meet US regulations

As a recipient of funding from the US Dept of Health and Human Science’s Public Health Services funding agencies (notably the NIH), the University is required to have a publicly accessible conflict of interest policy to meet DHSS regulation The approved policy, with guidance incorporated, is available on line here


Heads of Department, Departmental Administrators, PI and other investigators, and the Research Operations Office, hold various responsibilities which are described in the policy with key actions summarised. In brief, investigators must submit any potential conflicts of interest to their Heads of Department who will determine whether these constitute financial conflicts of interest in relation to the PHS funded work. If a conflict is deemed to exist, a plan must be drawn up by the HoD and DA to help reduce, manage or eliminate the conflict, and the disclosure and management plan must be submitted annually to the PHS funder via the Research Operations Office. If no conflict is determined, no action need be taken other than training , which all Investigators must undertake through study of an online NIH presentation and by familiarisation with the guidance provided on our policy pages.

Note this policy affects anyone receiving PHS funding, either directly or via another institution. All investigators currently receiving PHS funding will be familiar with the US conflict of interest regulations but Research Operations Office school teams will follow up with departments on a project by project basis to ensure regulations are being adhered to.

A presentation on the policy will be given at the next RGUG meeting on 24 September. For further information meanwhile, please contact the Assistant Director of your school team.