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Research Operations Office


Published on 19 March 2012

RGUG Meeting - 20 March, 9.30am

The next Research Grants User Group meeting is taking place this Tuesday, 20th March at 9.30am at the Sanger Building Lecture Theatre. This meeting is led by the Research Operations Office to discuss Research Grant administration issues and developments. This month there will be a presentation by representatives from auditors, Peters, Elworthy & Moore to review their findings of the Framework 7 EC audits.

The agenda and papers for the meeting, along with the minutes and presentations from previous meetings can be found on the Research Operations Office website

If you have any further questions please email

Government Taxes on EC Framework 7 and NIH awards

Recent audits have highlighted a number of instances where government taxes have been charged to these awards.  It is important to remember that for these awards no government taxes (either local or international) are allowed to be charged. 

Special attention needs to be given to expense claims, as VAT and other government taxes are often not removed when entering the expenditure on the award.

Also important to note is that airport tax is not a government tax but rather a customer service charge levied by the airport and is therefore an allowable expense.

If you have any further questions please contact your Research Support Advisor/Administrator.

Revised restricted call procedure

Following a discussion at RPC on Thursday 8th March, a sub-committee has been formed to facilitate a new Restricted Calls Procedure and Research Bids Selection process, with immediate effect. 

Please read the documents below and familiarise yourself with the new process. Please note they are Raven password protected.

These documents are also available from the Research Operations Office website

If you have any further questions please contact the Research Support Manager in your School Team.

Change to ESRC grant procedures for new awards

The ESRC has just announced a change to its grant procedures for new awards.

Before the grant begins, the principal investigator must upload an abstract for the project, directly to the Research Outcomes System (ROS).  The ESRC will make no payments to the grant until the abstract has been received and approved.

In order to submit the abstract, the principal investigator must login to ROS using his/her Je-S username and password.

Please refer to the ESRC website for full details.