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Published on 10 February 2023

New fEC Rates for 2023

X5 has been updated with the new fEC, facility and inflation rates which are effective from 1st February 2023.

The increase in rates was expected given current market conditions. Departmental and central expenditure has increased compared to last year. In addition, indexation rates have increased significantly to incorporate current and forecasted rises in energy costs, which affect operations across the University.

For existing costings in X5, the Rates tab will show these files as out of date. To apply the new rates to existing costings, go to the rates table tab and update the out of date files by clicking on “apply all updated files now”. Please be aware that your costs will change due to the new 2023 rates.


UKRI Terms and Conditions – change to their travel policy

UKRI has updated its standard terms and conditions for research grants. In the guidance document, RGC 4 Use of Grant states -

“Public funds should be deployed with due consideration to value for money, environmental impact, welfare and business needs across all activities… Consequently, these should only include travel by standard class by train and economy class by air. Exceptions to this would be permitted where there is a justifiable health and wellbeing need and approved by the Research Organisation prior to purchase and evidence of this should be available.”

This means that business class and premium economy is not permitted and could only be used in exceptional circumstances where there is a justifiable health and wellbeing reason. Previously, premium economy could be used for long haul flights. Please let your researchers know of this change so that they can book their travel according to UKRI’s new Terms and Conditions.


UKRI Terms and Conditions – Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

A revision has been made to allow the IHS on research grants for those directly incurred staff recruited to work 100% of their contracted time on the grant. Further details can be found in the guidance document RGC14 Status e) Directly Incurred.

We will cover these topics at the next RGUG meeting on 23rd February.


Research Grants User Group Meeting – 23rd February 2023

The next Research Grants User Group (RGUG) meeting will take place on Thursday 23rd February at 11:15am. The agenda will include information about how the Joint Electronic Submissions system (Je-S) will transition over to The Funding Service, feedback from the UKRI audit in January regarding timesheets and an update about UKRI’s travel policy.

To join the RGUG meeting please use this link. If you have any queries contact