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Published on 5 August 2022

Timesheet requirements for UKRI funding

Over the last couple of months, we have been updating you about the timesheet requirements which the University needs to implement so that it can comply with audit requirements on UKRI funding (including Innovate UK). All directly-incurred (DI) staff members working less than 100% of their contracted time on a UKRI or Innovate UK research grant are required to complete timesheets every month. Information about the new requirements can be found on the ROO website.

We have also scheduled some online demonstration and Q&A sessions. These events provide an opportunity for you to see how the process works and to ask questions.

At the demonstration session we will take you through the process which will include

  • using the new timesheet template
  • how to submit your timesheet using Microsoft Forms
  • how to use the pending and final libraries in SharePoint
  • best practice on managing staff costs including CUFS 

Tuesday 9th August, 9:30am

Timesheet demonstration

Link to Teams Meeting

Thursday 11th August, 10:30am

Timesheet demonstration (repeat)

Link to Teams Meeting

For the demonstration sessions, you only need to attend one date as the Thursday session is a repeat. The meeting will be recorded.


Tuesday 16th August, 9:30am

Q&A session

Link to Teams Meeting

Wednesday 17th August, 9:30am

Q&A session

Link to Teams Meeting

 For the Q&A sessions, we will cover some of the most common questions that are being asked around timesheets and then open up the discussion for you to ask your questions.  


Horizon Europe and the UK Government’s measures to support research & development

On 20th July 2022, the UK Government published a paper entitled Supporting UK R&D and collaborative research beyond European programmes.

The paper has three fundamental aspects to it

  • announcing a continuation of the UKRI underwrite for calls where the last legal grant signature date occurs after the end of December 2022
  • a series of interim measures to be adopted should the UK not associate to Horizon Europe
  • an outline of what a possible longer-term UK-based replacement to Horizon Europe might look like should the UK not associate

The UK Government reiterates its preference for the UK to associate to Horizon Europe, however it is prepared to put in place some transitional and long-term measures for all scenarios. 

The EU and International Team at ROO have produced an overview document of the UK Government’s measures to support the R&D sector to help researchers manage their applications in the event that the UK does not associate.


UKRI underwrite guarantee - recent awards for ERC and MSCA projects

Award letters for the first round of ERC and MSCA projects going through the UKRI underwrite process have now arrived. The Post-Award teams here in ROO are working through the processes of formally accepting the awards, in line with the required deadlines. Additional information will be sent to PIs and Departmental Administration staff about the next steps for the acceptance of the award following the receipt of the award letter. Further details on the activation of these grants will be coming in due course - this is a new funding scheme and it was only possible to finalise the set up of these funding structures on CUFS once these first award letters had been received.


X5 Templates for Horizon Europe costings

If you are costing a new proposal to submit to a Horizon Europe (HE) call, you should continue to use the current “EC Horizon Europe” Funder templates in X5. The “UKRI Horizon Europe Underwrite” Funder templates are only to be used for those HE projects which have been awarded and are ready to be submitted to UKRI to access the funds via the Underwrite guarantee.

The process of transferring X5 costings from the “EC Horizon Europe” funders to the “UKRI Horizon Europe Underwrite” funders will be undertaken in collaboration with your Research Development teams here in ROO during the preparation of the submission to UKRI.


Horizon Results Booster

Horizon Results Booster (HRB) is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to support projects funded by the EU Framework Programme (FP) to help innovations go to market and maximise their impact. The initiative aims to: 

  • maximise the impact and amplify the added value of the EU Framework Projects (FP7, H2020, Horizon Europe) 
  • build capacity for disseminating research results though tailored support 
  • increase EU FP project results exploitation potential and improve innovations access to markets 

The HRB is an organisation which offers free consulting services to any closed or ongoing research projects funded by FP7, Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe programmes. The different streams include 

  • Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy to develop a portfolio of results for effective dissemination and improve existing exploitation strategies
  • Business Plan Development  tailor-made training and support to develop an effective business plan and helping to secure additional funding for implementation of the plan 
  • Go to Market  provides assistance, coaching and mentoring to get research results ready for commercialisation 

You can access HRB’s services directly by going to their website  We are currently working alongside Cambridge Enterprise to schedule an information event in September including guest speakers from HRB. Details will be confirmed soon.  


Elements - major upgrade coming on 18 August 2022

The University’s research information management system Elements, is undergoing a major upgrade on Thursday 18 August. The system will be unavailable for 3 to 4 days while reindexing takes place. During this time researchers will not be able to deposit research outputs in Apollo the University's Institutional Repository.  

Once upgraded, Elements will include a new Reporting Hub to assist research administrators and have a modern, more user-friendly interface. Emails will be sent out to let relevant staff know when the upgraded system is live. If you have any questions or comments, please contact  

You can find out more and watch a 2 minute tour of the system changes on the UIS website.