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Published on 11 March 2022

Researchfish Funder Submission - Deadline 17th March 2022

The deadline for PIs to submit their research outcomes into Researchfish is Thursday 17th March at 4pm for most major funders including UKRI, CRUK, BHF and NIHR. Reporting outcomes are a requirement of accepting an award and PIs who do not comply maybe subject to sanctions from their funder. UKRI sanctions policy is available on their website.

Please encourage your researchers to complete their Researchfish submission by next week’s deadline. Further information about Researchfish is available on the ROO website.


Horizon Europe Awards

UKRI guarantee funding scheme for the first wave of successful applicants to Horizon Europe is open for applications for EIC and EIT-KICs. UK-based organisations who are partners on successful applications to EIC 2021 calls can apply for a UKRI grant.

UKRI is aware of possible problems for the UK EIC project partners in meeting the 14th March deadline and has agreed to be flexible and extend it to the end of March 2022. UK-based organisations involved in EIT-KIC activities in 2021 need to apply by 21st April 2022.

The ROO EU and International Team are closely monitoring the situation (call scope, deadlines, terms and conditions, etc.) through regular contacts with UKRI and will keep you updated with any further changes. 


Revised Application Deadlines from 1st April 2022

As outlined at the RGUG meeting last month, the grant application deadlines are changing from 1st April 2022. The current 7 working day deadline for the Standard Application Process is being replaced with a 5 working day deadline. In summary this means -

  • Departments are required to give ROO a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice of the intention to submit an application
  • Standard Application Process: applications must be received by ROO at least 5 working days before the funder deadline 
  • Small Application Process: applications must be received by ROO at least 2 working days before the funder deadline.  These are not checked by ROO. 
  • Clinical Trials: applications involving Clinical Trials must be received at least 3 weeks before the funder deadline 

In exceptional cases where the deadlines are not met, the Head of Department can request dispensation, which must be received with the full application, at least 2 working days before the funder deadline. Further details about these changes are available on the ROO website


Single Audit Report for US Federal Funding

The annual audit of US Federal Funding (including NIH awards) for the Financial Year 19/20 is now finalised and available on the ROO website.