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Research Operations Office


Published on 22 October 2020

Revised Payscales in X5

On Thursday 22nd October, new salary files were uploaded into X5 to rectify an error in the NI rates in the used previous files. The new files are as follows

  • Updated Clinical payscales with an effective date of 02/04/2020
  • New NI rates:
    • Including Apprenticeship Levy: file date of 08/04/20
    • Without Apprenticeship Levy: file date of 07/04/20

To apply these new rates to existing costings, go to the rates table tab and update the out of date files by clicking on "apply all updated files now".


X5 Upgrade

Due to technical difficulties implementing the upgrade of X5 on Thursday 8th October, a decision was made to postpone the release. The issues have now been resolved and the Project Team are now in a position to reschedule. The proposed date for the upgrade to take place is Tuesday 24th November 2020, during which X5 and some other Research Office systems will be temporarily unavailable.  Details are still being finalised and will be circulated as soon as possible, but if you have any immediate queries, please email


Cambridge Research Administrator Network Meeting - Thursday 26th November at 11am

Formed in 2018, the Cambridge Research Administrator Network (CRAN) is a network to connect Research Managers and Administrators across Cambridgeshire. The virtual meeting on 26th November will include

  • how to network internally and externally
  • use of digital platforms that aid networking
  • navigating knowledge exchange / working remotely

If you are interested in attending, please email for further details.


Research Grants User Group Meeting (RGUG) – Thursday 3rd December at 11:15am

RGUG is an open meeting led by the Research Office and is a forum where research grant administration issues and developments are discussed. The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday 5th November at 11:15am, however this has been postponed and instead a new date has been set for Thursday 3rd December at 11:15am. At this December meeting there will be an agenda item on Brexit. If you have any queries, please contact


Guidance on Grant Applications for College Teaching Officers (CTOs)

The Research Operations Office has produced some draft guidance regarding how College Teaching Officers (CTOs) who are not University of Cambridge employees, are able to hold the position of Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-Investigator (Co-I) on research grants held by the University. The guidance is still in draft as a trial run over the course of this year's fellowship season and will be finalised in the next few months. The document is available on the ROO website and any queries or comments can be emailed to


UKRI’s New Funding Service - User Research Participation

UKRI are building a new funding service that will eventually replace the existing Je-S system. UKRI is inviting people with experience applying for funding, who are likely to apply for or assess funding in the future, to help design the service in a way that will meet user needs.

The online form should be used by interested parties to provide UKRI with their details. They may then contact you to participate in a user research session, which typically would involve commenting on some proposed designs and takes no longer than an hour. Sessions are arranged at a time convenient for participants. Please see UKRI's website to find out more about the UKRI Funding Service. If you have any issues completing this survey or for further information, please contact