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Research Operations Office


Published on 19 March 2020

Research Office Staff Working Remotely

The University of Cambridge has implemented its Coronavirus contingency plan and the Research Office has closed its premises. 

Staff who are able to work remotely will do so, however the level of service that we can provide during this period will be significantly reduced. We are asking Departments to prioritise their grant and contracts requirements, and to give consideration to your own contingency plans. As part of this, managing the absence of those who have authority or delegated authority will help us to deal with your grants and contracts. Ultimately it is the Head of Department who has responsibility, though it is expected that where this person is unavailable, a substitute Head of Department would be available. The Research Office will not be able to take any action that circumvents the normal delegated authority process.

Where necessary Research Office staff will be providing cover across teams which may be outside of their usual department allocation, in order to enable us to provide a business critical service. Priority will be given to Coronavirus grants and contracts. We would encourage Departments to use email correspondence to our shared inboxes as these will be monitored on a regular basis rather than to individual emails.

Funders are continuing to update their guidance which we have started and will continue to collate here however please check with your own funder regarding their relevant announcements.