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Published on 24 January 2020

X5 unavailable Monday 3rd February, 8am – 9am

On Monday 3rd February, the new 2020 fEC and facilities rates will be imported into X5. This means that X5 will be unavailable between 8am and 9am.  

Symplectic Elements Link to Researchfish until Thursday 6th February

The annual submission period for UKRI, CRUK, NIHR, NC3R’s, BHF and other funders is 3rd February to 12th March 2020 during which time PIs need to use their Researchfish account to make a return. To help with this process, research outputs can be entered into Symplectic Elements until Thursday 6th February, after which there will be a bulk uploaded to Researchfish.

From Friday 7th February, Symplectic Elements will not be linked to Researchfish and any additional inputs will need to be made into Researchfish directly during the submission period. Therefore please encourage PIs to include their research outputs in Symplectic Elements by 6th February, as this will help them during the submission period as their data will have been preloaded into Researchfish when they have to submit their return. Note that the research outputs being uploaded from Symplectic Elements to Researchfish are journal articles, conference proceedings and data sets where they have a unique identifier (i.e. DOI).

Information on how to link grants with publications in Symplectic Elements is available in Moodle and details about the annual submission process on Researchfish can be found on the Research Operations Office website.

BBSRC Open Meeting – Tuesday 18th February

The School of Biological Sciences is hosting a visit by Prof Melanie Welham, BBSRC Executive Chair and will include an Open Meeting chaired by Prof Anna Philpott, Head of School of Biological Sciences.

Tuesday 18th February

11:00 – 13:00

Sainsbury Laboratory, Bateman Street, Cambridge

Book your place on the event webpage  


Prof Melanie Welham will give a presentation about UKRI and BBSRC strategy and priorities. This will be followed by a presentation from Prof Anna Philpott  on the School of Biological Sciences research vision and a series of short talks by David Phillips Fellows and BBSRC grant holders: Prof Jim Haseloff, Prof Kathryn Lilley, Dr Paula McGregor and Dr Jenny Zhang.

Please pass this message on to colleagues in your departments and network that may be interested in attending. If you have any questions please contact Isabelle de Wouters at

fEC and Income Allocation Policy Seminar – Monday 24th February

This briefing is relevant to all staff involved in research grants, particularly those new to the University or wishing to increase their understanding of University policy and its impact on research grants and their administration.

Content includes

  • Clarity on definitions of Direct costs and Indirect costs
  • What the PI should be aware of at application stage
  • How the Income Allocation Policy apportions overheads between the Department and the University

Monday 24th February

9:30 – 11:00

Greenwich House, Madingley Road, Cambridge


To book a place please contact at the Research Operations Office.

Industry Pricing Policy

Guidance is now available regarding Industry Pricing for Contracts and details can be found on the Research Operations Office website.

Call for Data Champions

The Office of Scholarly Communication (OSC) are looking for volunteers to become data champions to promote good research data management and supporting researchers in areas such as data organisation, storage and sharing. Further details can be found on the OSC website and applications should be complete by 14th February.

Revised NIH Grants Policy Statement for FY 2020

The revised GPS was published last month and replaces the October 2018 version as a standard term and condition of awards. This revision applies to all NIH grants and cooperative agreements with budget periods beginning on or after 1st October 2019. Further details are available from the NIH website.


The EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill passes through the European Parliament next week for the UK to leave the EU on 31st January. The University Brexit website will be updated accordingly and further communication will follow.