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Research Operations Office


Published on 20 May 2011

Directorship of the Research Office

As from Friday 13 May 2011, Martin Reavley stepped down as Director of the Research Office after more than two and a half years in the role. Monique Carew has been appointed Acting Director of the Office with effect from the same date and her new phone number is 01223 766964. Details of the arrangements for Monique’s existing responsibilities as Assistant Director heading the Biological School team will be announced at a later date. Thanks to Martin for all his contribution to the Research Office and wishing Monique every success in her new role.

RCUK efficiency changes

As a follow up to the previous Bulletin on Friday 13 May which outlined changes to equipment funding, the Research Office will be giving a presentation at RGUG on Tuesday 24 May.  We are still awaiting further information from RCUK on certain aspects but will be able to share specific advice recently received from the EPSRC

As you are probably aware, there are other efficiencies that RCUK are obliged to pass on through research grant funding and these will be in the form of cuts on indirect costs and re-indexation.  Details about these efficiencies are found here

At RGUG, information will be presented about the indirect cost and re-indexation changes by colleagues in the Finance Division.  In particular, the presentation will discuss various options that may be available to us to deal with the cuts (subject to any limitations contained in the more detailed guidance expected from RCUK).  We encourage discussion at the meeting and so in preparation for this we hope you will be able to review the presentation slides which can be found here

There are many questions about how the financial cuts will be implemented and the University has written to RCUK raising specific queries; we await a reply and will provide updates as soon as we receive further information.

Research Grants User Meeting (RGUG) - Tuesday 24 May 2011

The next Research Grants User Group meeting is taking place on Tuesday 24 May at 9:30am in LT2, Clinical School, Addenbrookes. The RGUG is led by the Research Office and is a forum where research grant administration issues and developments are discussed. An agenda for the next meeting and a preview of slides for discussion regarding RCUK efficiency changes can be found here If you have any queries, please contact Hannah Pawson at the Research Office e-mail

Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards to include Medical Humanities and Bioethics

The Wellcome Trust has expanded its new Investigator Awards to cover the medical humanities and bioethics in two categories: Medical History and Ethics and Society. Awards of up to £200,000 per year for up to seven years will be made to scholars in established academic posts, depending on their experience at two levels - New Investigators and Senior Investigators. Applications for the awards will open 1 June 2011, the closing date for CV details to be checked is 22 July and the deadline for the first full applications is 2 September.

Further information is available on the Wellcome Trust web site at If you have any other queries, please contact your School Team at the Research Office