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Published on 18 August 2017

ERC Advanced Grant application deadline: 31st August 2017 at 4pm

A reminder that the ERC Advanced Grant deadline is on 31st August 2017 at 4pm. The Research Office asks that applications are with us at least 5 working days (24th August) before the deadline in order for the checks to be completed and the Host Support Letters to be issued. The essential documents we need to see in order to issue the host support letter are

  • access to the project on the portal via

  • a completed X5

  • the completed A forms

  • the budget sections of the B2 document (the table and the corresponding narrative) – should you be able to provide the completed B1 and B2 documents as well then that would be ideal but we need the budget sections as a bare minimum to be able to issue the letter, and
  • we will also need confirmation that the title and acronym are final before being able to issue the host support letter.

A Cribsheet for the call is available on the Research Office website -

If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact the Research Support Advisor for your Department or Bethan Hosking Jones, ERC Officer on

BBSRC Agri-Food Technology Seeding Catalyst Award – internal call open

The University of Cambridge has been awarded an Agri-Food Technology Seeding Catalyst Award.  The Agri-Food Technology Seeding Catalyst aims to:

•             Increase productivity in the agri-food sector

•             Provide healthy, safe, high quality and nutritious food for UK consumers and global markets

•             Ensure supply chain integrity and long-term environmental resilience


The internal call for Seeding Grant projects aligned with the Agri-Food Technology Seeding Catalyst scope is now open.   Applications for up to £20,000 (direct costs only) are invited from BBSRC-remit researchers.  The closing date for applications is 17th September 2017 and the result of the panel will be communicated shortly thereafter.  All projects must be completed and the funding spent by 28th February 2018.  Further details are available on the Bioscience Impact Team Website.

Research Dashboard

The aim of the Research Dashboard is to provide PIs with an easy, single point of access to their research grant and contract information at a high level with the ability to obtain further information from underlying existing research administration systems. A prototype is being designed with features including

  • Where grant applications are in X5 workflow
  • Contract status
  • Grant expenditure
  • Who to contact

The schedule for the dashboard to be available is late Michaelmas Term, this is unfortunately slightly later than expected due to unforeseen technical issues. The Research Dashboard is one of several recommendations that arose from the Research Administration Review. Further details about this and other initiatives are available from the Research Operations Office website.   

Archiving Projects in X5

Data from X5 is used to populate other systems such as the forthcoming Research Dashboard and in order that only current data appears on the dashboard, Department Administrators have been asked to review their costings that are no longer required and change the status to “Closed” in the project set up screen. In addition to this, the new Research Dashboard will only show proposals that have been created within the last 9 months, unless they have been submitted to ROO where they will show for 15 months from date of submission to funder.

Therefore, when reviewing your X5s that are no longer required, focus on the ones from the last 9 months which are the ones numbered approximately X5:19000 and onwards. Guidance for this is available on the ROO website.  Unsubmitted X5s before this number are likely to not be displayed in the dashboard as they will be older than 9 months. Please note costings should be finished or withdrawn from workflow before performing this action.

Due to some technical issues with the Research Dashboard, it is now expected to be available in late Michaelmas Term. This means that Department Administrators have more time to review their X5 projects if needed. Instead of this work being done by the end of August, it's now possible to continue with this up until mid-September. Thank you for your work so far in tidying up your X5 projects, this will make a big difference to the usability of the Research Dashboard. 

X5 Training Dates

The training covers setting up an X5 using the Project Wizard as well as using the correct methodology for capturing costs.  


18th September 2017

17 Mill Lane


19th October 2017

17 Mill Lane


13th November 2017

17 Mill Lane

The training will be 9:00am to 12:30pm. To book a place please contact at the Research Operations Office.