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Research Operations Office


Parkinson's UK - Researchfish deadline 16 Jan 2015

Grant holders of Parkinson’s UK will need to use Researchfish to enter outcomes data from their projects by the deadline of 16 January 2015. Further details are available from their website

If you can’t find your username details for Researchfish, send an e-mail to If you need to reset your password, please visit and a link to reset your password will be sent to the email address associated with your Researchfish account.

Innovate UK (formally Technology Strategy Board)

After a review of the updated guidance issued by Innovate UK there is now a stipulation that all labour cost claims need to be supported by appropriate accounting records which include timesheets, showing the actual time worked on the project which has been paid by the organisation.  It is therefore strongly advised that all staff directly incurred on these awards maintain timesheets even if they are funded on the grant for 100% of their contracted working hours.  

Further information about timesheets can be found on the ROO website.

X5 - Overlapping Professorial Spine Points

Adjustments have been made to the mappings for the overlapping professorial spine points in X5.  Therefore the new bandings will be as follows for the spine points: 

Spine Points 


75 – 76


81 – 82


87 – 88


Any new costings from 24 November will include the new bandings, however for existing costings started before 24 November but still in progress, please remove the staff member from the costing and re-enter their details.

X5 Submission Report - new FAQ

A new FAQ has been added to the X5 submission reports about a type of warning message. Please refer to p5 for more details.

RGUG - Minutes and Presentations

Research Grants User Group (RGUG) is a forum led by the Research Operations Office where research grant administration issues and developments are discussed. Minutes and presentations from the meeting on Thursday 11 December are now available

The next RGUG meeting will take place on Thursday 12 March at 9.30am in Room 5 at the Clinical School and is open to anyone with an interest in grants administration.

Updates to Finance Grants Training Material

An internal audit into research transaction recording highlighted that current training may not adequately address the entering of invoice data into CUFS especially in relation to the narrative to support the cost.  As a result Finance Training have updated their material to specifically address this issue.

AP Guidance when processing the expense, see p5:

Expenditure enquiry, see p2