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Research Operations Office


Published on 11 July 2014

ERC Advanced Grant Scheme Presentation - Wednesday 16th July


The European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant scheme is aimed at senior academics from any discipline and is judged on excellence of both the applicant and the project. Funding of up to €2.5Million is available for projects up to 5 years and the call deadline is 21st October 2014.

The Research Operations Office (ROO) is organising an information session on how to apply to the scheme

  • Wednesday 16th July
  • 10:00am – 11:00am
  • Hodgkin Huxley Room, Physiology Building, Downing Site

The session will include a brief overview of the scheme by Bethan Jones, the ERC Officer at ROO. This will be followed by a presentation from Professor Daan Frenkel who currently holds an ERC Advanced Grant and has been a member of the Advanced Grant review panels. There will be the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

If you are interested in attending the session, please register your interest by emailing

X5 Currency Rates

We are aware of an issue with Euro and USD currency rates not updating when the file is updated through the rates tab within the costing screen.  Whilst we are waiting for a fix from the developers we would advise users to:

 i) Check that the rate is correct after the file has been updated for existing costings. The correct rates can be found on the Finance Division website:

 ii) If incorrect, manually update the currency through the Project Setup screen.  Details on how to do this can be found via the FAQ’s Costing tab on the X5 website:

 iii) Any new costings will pull through the correct Euro and USD rate but you may wish to verify this rate before continuing with your costings.

 We will advise when this issue has been resolved.

Cambridge Equipment Database

The Research Councils continue to require increased efficiency and effectiveness in the use of equipment and facilities with the expectation that there will be sharing of assets between Departments and Universities wherever possible. In order to support equipment sharing the University has created an Equipment Database

Dr Christopher Wilkinson has recently been appointed as the Equipment Project Manager within the Research Operations Office and will be coordinating the future development of the equipment sharing at the University. If you have any queries or would like to discuss this, please contact him at


pFACT Decommissioning - 31st July

As stated in previous Research Office bulletins, this is a reminder that pFACT will not be available after 31st July 2014. Please ensure that any reports that you need are printed and/or saved locally before 31st July 2014.