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Research Operations Office


Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

A patch will be applied to X5 on Wednesday 9th October between 8am and 9am, when the system will be unavailable to users.

The changes that this release will bring are around existing issues within the system rather than new functionality.         

Salary Calculator

The problems with NI calculations on part time posts and those for under a year have been resolved.  Users can now search for staff grades as they do in the DI staff screen by typing in part of the grade and the system will narrow down the results.
The screen format has also changed in that it is no longer a pop up window. This also means it can be added to a user’s account as shortcut.

Price Screen

When a user changes the funders inflation rate within the rates tab the effect of this change now appears within the price screen.


A change has been made to the Je-S report to show which version of the costing is being used when the report is run.

There are a number of outstanding issues with the submission reports that we are investigating with Unit 4 and hope to have these released as soon as possible.  Should you encounter any issues with reports please ensure you let you RSA know to ensure that this issue is being addressed.