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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 11/10/2019 - 10:05

In the case of a no deal Brexit, the UK government has committed to underwrite the funds of all active EU grants and bids submitted until exit day. Information and updates on the underwrite can be found here. Further guidance is still to be published, but we anticipate the University needing to finalise all the financial reporting of active EU grants (approx. 400) in a short space of time soon after the 31st  October 2019.

In preparation for that, we are therefore asking that all departments in receipt of EU funds take the necessary steps to ensure the following actions are completed:

•         Ensure all relevant expenditure is posted to EC grants

•         Relevant documents (for example, timesheets and invoices) are completed and available

•         Outstanding queries are clarified

•         Pending amendments are finalised

This will enable the Research Operations Office to plan and implement the transition from EU into national funding as efficiently as possible. The University is monitoring negotiations and government announcements closely, and will post these to the Universities’ main Brexit website.