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Research Operations Office


Published on Thu, 06/02/2020 - 15:55

UK Research and Innovation has announced changes to requirements on ‘Pathways to Impact’.  As a result of this change, the ‘Pathways to Impact’ plan or ‘Impact Summary’ are no longer required within a grant application. These changes will be implemented from 1st March 2020, including those “under preparation” on this date. 

Impact remains an integral component of the assessment criteria for UKRI proposals, and it is important to take this into consideration throughout your application. Applicants must still consider how they will or might achieve impact throughout their projects and include this as part of their Case for Support. Activities to realise impact do not have to be cost-incurring, but relevant costs can be included and must be fully justified within the Justification of Resources statement. The Case for Support page limit will not be increased as a result of this change. 

As this area continues to develop, the Research Operations Office will monitor and communicate further updates from UKRI and council specific requirements.