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Published on Fri, 28/04/2023 - 12:49

The UK Government’s guarantee funding covers successful Horizon Europe applications submitted to calls with a final submission deadline date on or before 30 June 2023. This assumes that the grant agreement with the European Commission or delegated party cannot be signed because the UK’s association has not been formalised in time and therefore cannot receive funding.

In the latest updates from 17th April 2023, the following changes have been made -

  • prizes defined as out of scope
  • international tuition fees are now allowable costs on all guarantee grants
  • open access costs are chargeable to guarantee grants
  • guarantee grants are expected to adhere to Horizon Europe open access policy
  • parental leave for MSCA guarantee grants will be covered by additional funding streams

To be eligible for the UK governments Horizon Europe funding guarantee applicants must apply for funding from the EU as “beneficiaries” and not as “Associated Partners”.