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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 28/07/2023 - 12:47

The first phase of work being delivered in the TRS Programme is the Grant Management Support (GMS) Project. This will include the launch of a new collaborative grant management platform called Worktribe which will replace the grant costing tool X5 as well as some other tools.  

We will be rolling out Worktribe with pre-award and contracts modules in 2023-24 using a phased approach:

  • In November 2023 release Worktribe to one school
  • In February 2024 release Worktribe to two more schools
  • In March 2024 release Worktribe to the three remaining schools and non-school institutions  

Decisions on the order of roll out are still to be made with the GMS Consultation Group which includes more than 60 members of staff from across the grants management community. We believe this phased approach will ensure that Worktribe can be embedded successfully in each school and non-school institutions. The introduction of the post-award module will follow later in 2024.

If you have any questions or comments please email