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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 09/10/2020 - 13:46

For staff that have been furloughed, please ensure that time records (timesheets or declaration of exclusivity) reconcile with the period the individual is being furloughed and meet the general requirements of time records as set out below -

  • to provide evidence of the reality of the costs i.e. the ‘actual hours’ worked on the project
  • have to show the actual (i.e. real) total productive hours worked and should also record unproductive time
  • (productive) working time is the total number of hours and excludes holidays, personal time, sick leave or other allowances
  • all hours claimed must be able to be verified in a reliable manner
  • timesheets need to be completed and authorised in a timely manner (monthly)
  • timesheets must be reconcilable with the absences for holidays, illness, travel or other

Compliance with all of the above requirements can potentially be checked by auditors to ensure that timesheets are completed accurately and timely.  Further details can be found on audit pages of the ROO website  If you have any queries, please contact